I consider myself a Boston native, although during some of my most formative years I lived and attended school in Brockton, Massachusetts. These places and the people in them inform my work; both socially and culturally.

My family is also an immense influence. Being the oldest sibling of fourteen children, I constantly experienced things first or understood circumstances more than my siblings. I had to explain to all of them: why people called them out of their name, why they fear armed blue uniforms, why my sisters have to learn how to defend themselves against men twice their size, why the clothes they wear dictate their image, why people’s reactions to them vary depending on gender, the language they choose to use or the color of their skin. These questions have become the foundation for my work. Through poetry, imagery, and sound I want to peel back the black and white facade that is often painted on these issues.

My work has been exhibited in shows at Stitched Into Memory 2017, Cultural Context 2017, MassArt 2017 Senior Exhibition, Then and Now Show 2017, Cambridge Science Festival 2017, MassArt Auction 2017, the Haystack Show 2017, All School Show 2016-2017, and the Compass Show 2016.